• Pink Choodai

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    A one volume anthology of four loosely connected stories, each with a color as its theme! Pay attention--these stories have some minor character overlaps~ You may see somebody again as a background character! (For the record, it is "NAKAMURA Makoto", and not "NAKAMURA Shin"--Kanji confusion.) Story 1: Pink Choodai Hitomi feels insecure and unconfident in her boyfriend, Satoshi's, love for her. So what's the best way to find out if he loves her? What?! Playing around with other guys? Story 2: An Overflow of Blue Haruka loves Satoshi, who already has a girlfriend, Hitomi. Haruka's coworker NAKAMURA Makoto loves Haruka. Problem is, Haruka hates Makoto. What should she do in this mess? Story 3: Lying Yellow How far will Mariko go to confess to a guy who's too shy to make the first move? A transfer student, Yuri, only makes the situation more complicated then ever! Story 4: White Mask Yuri shows her great love for her childhood friend Makoto... but why can't she date him? Actual Event Timeline: White-->Yellow-->Pink/Blue

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