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    It's a hard-knock life for Kotarou. His father is always away on business, and his mother recently passed away. He spends a lot of time alone... and he hates it. Maybe he can make good use of his solitude--his middle school exams are looming ahead, and he needs to buckle down and study hard. But his concentration--along with his loneliness--is shattered when a zany girl named Misha unexpectedly moves in next door to him. Soon, Misha starts popping up everywhere Kotarou goes! Although she seems to have a stalker's mentality, Misha claims she's an angel. Her mission: To make sure Kotarou is happy and safe. That's a tall order, since Misha seems to know almost nothing about life on Earth! What will become of the two of them, will love flurish from their friendship?! -Tokyopop

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