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    Summary: Kana-chan is blessed with fraternal twins, Sae-chan and Mayu-chan. Although they are twins but they are not look-alike. Moreover, these two babies are really attached with their older sister, which only make them cuter! Just watch how they race against each other every single day to get into Kana-chan’s arms. If you look closer you’ll notice the evilness of Mayu-chan but don’t think that Sae-chan hasn’t had a bad side either. Their days continue to fill with love and affection from their family. However, there will be a guy who will fall for Kana-chan and Mayu-chan will dubbed this guy as her rival against her sister’s affection! You’ll guarantee to keep on grinning even after you’ve done reading this manga. This title is recommended especially to those who love babies. Two thumbs up to Kurea-sensei for bringing us this babylicious manga! Summary by: Cuwi [Manga Rebels]

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