• Renai Chuudokuteki Senjutsushi

    • Alternative Name
      : 仙術師と復讐の琴; 仙術師と災厄の壷; 仙術師と魔神の城; 仙術師はくじけない; 仙術師は恋におぼれる; 仙術師は熱愛される; 恋愛中毒的仙術師; Celestial in Love; Renai Chuudokuteki Senjutsushi wa Kujikenai; Senjutsushi to Fukushuu no Koto; Senjutsushi to Majin to Shiro; Senjutsushi to Saiyaku no Tsubo; Senjutsushi wa Koi ni Oboreru; Senjutsushi wa Netsuaisareru
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      : Ongoing
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  • Renai Chuudokuteki Senjutsushi Summary:

    In the Ren'ai Chuudokuteki Senjutsushi series: 1) Senjutsushi wa Kujikenai 2) Senjutsushi wa Koi ni Oboreru 3) Senjutsushi wa Netsuaisareru 4) Senjutsushi to Majin no Shiro 5) Senjutsushi to Fukushuu no Koto 6) Senjutsushi to Saiyaku no Tsubo West town is famous for having celestial mages. One day, a west town mage comes to a village to help them figure out the mystery behind the disappearance of all the towns' girls! The mage is an extremely beautiful man who prefer boys over girls!

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