• Replicant no Yoru

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    Tomoki had always been in love with his sempai, but had never been able to tell him how he feels. On the sempai’s wedding day (which Tomoki reluctantly attends), a heartbroken Tomoki meets up with the sempai’s younger brother, Atsuya, who had now grown into a handsome young man from the last time Tomoki saw him. Atsuya had always known how Tomoki felt about his brother, having witnessed Tomoki masturbating to the smell of his brother’s shirt once. Ashamed and embarrassed, Tomoki tries to put the incident behind him, but the cruel Atsuya would have none of it. He meets up with Tomoki in the wedding reception bar and reminds him of his past misgivings. When Tomoki tries to escape, Atsuya ties him up and rapes him…What will happen to Tomoki and Atsuya now? Can Atsuya change Tomoki’s heart, or will Tomoki forever regard him as a substitute, a replica, for his older brother? ************* Taken from Fushichou: Tomoki is in love with his sempai, Sawaki. One day while at Sawaki's house, Sawaki's brother Atsuya, caught him jerking off while smelling Sawaki's shirt and afraid Atsuya would let the secret out, Tomoki avoids his sempai. Four years later, Sawaki is getting married and Tomoki is invited to the party and while his 'love' for Sawaki is still as strong as ever, another person has their eyes on Tomoki. It's Atsuya, the younger brother of Sawaki who wants to conquer Tomoki's heart... will he have success?

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