• Romansu ni Tsutaete

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    4 Stories---- The first and second story have the same heroine. She works at a daycare center or kindergarten, and unknown to her colleagues she used to be a much feared female gang leader. ^-^ Also, the heroine has good vibes about a certain male colleague. One fine day, she meets an ex-male gang leader who knows her past.. and events start unraveling from there. For the second story, it's set in the daycare/kindergarten too. The main character is one of the kids in the kindergarten, and he has a secret which he is afraid to let other people know, especially his beloved teacher (The heroine is his beloved teacher)! Story #3 The main heroine is a 16 year old girl. Her father is a scientist and always invents some weird things.What's more, he claims that he came from another planet! All these drive the poor heroine crazy ^-^ But at least now her love life is going fine.. until the day 2 guys from outer space lands on Earth, wanting to find out more about the 'Love disease'! Perhaps her father has not been lying after all?

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