• Romeo x Juliet

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    Neo Verona. A land floating high in the sky ruled by the Capulet family. That is until one night, when the long time rivals of the Capulets, the Montagues, storm the palace, killing the duke, his wife, and his men. All are killed but Juliet, a young daughter of the Capulets who is rescued and spirited away to safety before she could be killed. Fourteen years later, Juliet remembers nothing of her gruesome past, and lives with the small band who had rescued her, the only family she has. It is not safe for Juliet to go out undisguised, however, as a search for the Capulet heiress is still underway. So in public, she dresses as a boy, a young man named Odin, at the request of her "family". Though she is technically not allowed to, Juliet has another secret identity: The Red Whirlwind, the daring and righteous hero of Neo Verona, famous for saving any in danger with his (or rather, her) sword and advanced combat skills without killing anyone. It is on one of these "rescue missions" that she first meets Romeo, heir of the Montague house. By chance, they fall in love–a forbidden love that neither side will allow. Things get even more complicated, however, when Juliet finally learns of her true identity and is told that she must kill the current duke–Romeo's father.

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