• Ryuu no Yuigon

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    What is a horny lord to do, when the man he wants to have sex with just refuses to put out? Prostitute himself of course! Tenran is aggressive, powerful, horny, and a uke, and he oh so desperately wants to have sex with Asagi – one of his loyal subjects! Tenran has vowed to take the sweet Asagi’s virginity, only thing is, Asagi doesn’t see him that way! And that’s not all that Tenran has to contend with…other people are always after his throne, and he seems to have his hands full thwarting down competition left and right. Amidst all these, can Tenran and Asagi find happiness? Though he appears human, Asagi is actually from a long line of dragon lineage, and he can turn himself into a dragon at will. When he was little, he had heard many tales of the great and ancient Tenran from his mother. Only thing is, now that he’s grown up and is working under Tenran, he must admit that this great, ancient and powerful lord was nothing like what he had ever imagined! For one, his master looks more like a young woman than anything else; second, for someone so noble, the great Tenran seems far too occupied in having sex with him than anything else! Can Asagi keep his virginity intact, or will he fall prey to the attacks of this aggressive uke? Also, the constant threat on his master’s throne from time to time has him worried… ******************************** This series rocks my dragon-centric world. It is SERIOUSLY one of the most adorably romantic series in my collection. The art is below average, but the characters are awesome, with one of the most aggressive and powerful (not to mention horny) uke characters ever. ...And did I mention the dragons...?

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