• Sage

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    On present day Earth in the bustling city of Hotaru, lives a lazy, uninspired 17 year old highschool student of Gunma High, Izumi Kaivou. Due to his extreme laziness he often finds himself in trouble performing even the simplest tasks of everyday life, relying on his younger sister to take care of him, although he'd never actually admit that. Meanwhile on the planet Trilliaus, the planet's defense forces have been reduced to nothing more than a group of militia. Of the milita, 19 year old Ryoku Eikiro is one of only three that remain to dedicate their life to putting an end to the death and destruction that has plagued the planet since Zaigou's arrival, whom is desperately in search of something, but what? Kaivou's apocalyptic premonitions and bizarre nightmares foresee that soon nobodies life will ever be the same again...

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