• Seito Kaichousama no Pet

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    From Attractive Fascinante: Nizaki Eito was just about to sneak back into the dorm after finishing his part-time job when he ran into the student council president, Fujima. Because it was against the school rules, Nizaki agreed to become Fujima’s pet. When Nizaki started to get really popular, Fujima got jealous and decided to let go of him. However, Nizaki threatened Fujima instead and wanted Fujima to become his pet. Was it for love or for revenge? 5. Tenohira no Ondo (Temperature of Palm) Daisuke's been acting troubled at work lately, and is always being called to the HR department. His childhood friend Motoki wants to find out why, but when he asks he receives an answer he wasn't expecting: Daisuke asks Motoki, "Can I kiss you?"

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