• Shiritsu Hakanai Gakuen

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    The line between brilliance and madness is razor thin, and oftentimes the actions of geniuses are beyond the understanding of those around them. Such was the case of Yuuka's friend, the perfect and pristine Seiwain Hanao, wielder of beauty, talent, and grace that surpassed anything the diffident tomboy Yuuka could hope for. There is a gap between them that Yuuka cannot even begin to cross. But once Hanao is elected as the new Student Council President, everything changes. And the next day, Yuuka comes to school without wearing panties. Hanao also doesn't wear panties. None of the girls wear panties. That's the new rule. The incomprehensible idol Seiwain Hanao has taken the chance to force a fragment of her incomprehensible genius onto the rest of the student body, and the security of underwear has been banished from their school forevermore.

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