• Shiroi Kumo

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  • Shiroi Kumo Summary:

    Contents. They include: • "Once Upon a Time" • See You Next Time • Imp in the Night • Sakura Antique Store • Shiroi Kumo or White Clouds - A beautiful and touching story about life, death, and the heartening belief that we all will arrive at the same place when our time has come. • Molehill • The Lands of Dreams • Grape Harvest • Let's Go Home • The Story of the Flower • The Road Where Flowers Bloom • Egg Water • Hoppie's Bear - One day, office worker Kurata encounters a strange girl in the city. The girl, who wears a bear “head mask” all the time, moonlights at her dad’s restaurant. Thus begins an unusual friendship between the lovelorn man and the mature girl… • "To a Certain Place"

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