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    Each volume is a separate story about a different boy becoming a female idol. ^w^ [1st story] Akira is a cute jr. high school boy who has a great singing voice that his sister is always raving about. She thinks his voice sounds like an angel's and in a truly sister-like fashion, she plots to get her younger brother into a dress and wig so she can see him look like an angel while he sings too ^_^ So at home one day after school, she gets Akira to sing karaoke, and then dresses him up in a frilly dress and a wig of long hair! [2nd story] Nearby, a talent scout hears a beautiful clear voice. He follows the sound and can hear Akira's singing coming out of Akira's house. He is thrilled to see the voice belongs to the girl in the cute dress. But Akira tears the wig off and insists that he is a boy. After a moment of thought, the talent scout begs to recruit Akira to be the next new FEMALE idol singing sensation! Akira refuses at first, but finally relents when he realizes he may get the chance to meet Ruri, a currently popular female idol singer. And thus "Mizuki" is born, the angelic new GIRL idol singer! Watch the fun as Akira attempts to be a female idol, and is surrounded by girls who like him or hate him in his various identities! [3rd story] Tachibana Yuzuki is a young 11 year old with the face of a girl. Everyday his older brothers tease and play pranks on him usually on his appearance. Yuzuki has one dream in mind and that's to become a famous idol so he can escape his village life. After he told his female friend, Chiyoko, about it she feel something that makes her not want Yuzuki to go. What could it be? Right before he sends in his audition form to Tokyo, his brothers play one last trick before Yuzuki sends in the form and goes to Tokyo. They change his gender from male to female! How will Yuzuki be able to fix this prank that's gone too far?!?!

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