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    Morimiya Yorito loves to take pictures of the sky. He skips school and lays on the rooftop for hours snapping photos of the clouds. He loves taking these pictures so much that one day he wakes up at 4:00 A.M. to take pictures of dawn over the bay. Once there, however, he sees a girl kicking a near-by vending machine. He asks her what she's doing and she tells him that the machine stole her money. He helps her get what she wants but when the thing she ordered comes out at last, the girl has disappeared and Yorito has missed his chance to take his photo. Yorito meets her again, going to take more pictures since he missed his last chance. It's raining, however, and it seems like it won't let up in time for his photo. Then he sees the same girl again, kicking the same vending machine and holding an umbrella in her hand. A sudden gust of wind blows the umbrella out of her hand and Yorito sees the decoration underneath: the sky. Later, he goes into a church that's under construction and sees the girl battle with a man with a katana and some darts that let out flashes of light when he throws them. The man seems to be wining, but the girl escapes outside and Yorito saves her and takes her back to his house. He talks to her and she tells him that her name is Matsuri, and she is, in fact, not human. Matsuri is a "yaka-being", a creature similar to a human, except that they have special magic and can live hundreds of years, among other things. But one of the most startling differences of all is this: a yaka cannot be touched by sunlight. When they do, whatever part of them the sun is touching is burnt and begins to wear away. Because of this, Matsuri has never seen a true blue sky. Yorito vows to her that he will find away to bring her out, to show her the real sky. But until then, he settles for teaching her all he knows about the sky and surrounding her with his photos.

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