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    Ah-chan and Ryouko, childhood friends eight years apart, are now teacher and student. Though Ryouko wants to rush into things, Ah-chan can’t take one step beyond her role as a teacher. After receiving a matching cellphone charm as a present, Ah-chan buys paired rings for a return gift, only to realise that she’s lost the charm…!? The distance between them shrinks away in “STEP UP”; a girl in love with Ryouko appears in “STEP FORWARD”; and then “step by step” calls for tears of joy with wedding dress x wedding dress… The road to love between Ryouko and Ah-chan is bountiful. Also included are “Leave hickey?”, about the radiant proof of love school girl Kimu carves into the body of the art teacher Miyano-sensei; and “secret love”, not previously published in a commercial magazine!

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