• Strawberry Holiday

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  • Strawberry Holiday Summary:

    Info from Utopian Dream - collection of 1 shots: Story 1: Strawberry Holiday (ストロベリィ▽ホリデー) Nana Asou is 14. Her dream is to have the life of a normal girl!? Constantly super busy as an idol superstar, one day she makes her escape!! Throwing everything away, she somehow winds up with…a cake baker!? Story 2: Candy Charm (CANDY▽チャーム) Story 3: Secret Love Chance (ナイショのLOVEチャンス▼) Story 4: Phone Girl (ケータイ彼女。) Story 5: Electric Girl (ビリビリ ガール) Story 6: Cheers! (チアーズ!!)

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