• Sugar wa Otoshigoro

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  • Sugar wa Otoshigoro Summary:

    Hatanaka Keiko's an odd girl with odd aspirations(I mean, REALLY weird), but she tries her best to fit in with the other girls in her class... she still sucks at it, though. One day, she meets Asami, a girl who's even more of an outcast than she is... but unlike Keiko, Asami's own "outsider" status doesn't seem to bother her in the slightest. As they grow closer, what's going to happen to Keiko's standing among the other girls? And what about Asami's own issues? Note: Animexis describe it: Keiko is a lonely girl who doesn’t know herself or what she wants in her life. However, she has an strange desire: she wants to become a prostitute. She writes this in her cellular phone’s blog and in a matter of minutes she receives hundreds of messages arguing about this strange desire!

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