• Suki ni Naru Made Matte

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  • Suki ni Naru Made Matte Summary:

    Compilation of short stories. • Please Wait Untill I Fall in Love - Whenever it was break time, Hikami-kun sat at my desk and talked with his friends. I was concerned about it, but since he is a popular guy I couldn’t say anything about it. On that fateful day, I dropped Hikami-kun’s cell in the fish tank, and now I have to be his slave?! - Manga Abyss *Also includes: • The Origin of Love and Lies - Akane does a favor for her friend, Tomoko, by agreeing to show her childhood friend, Ken-kun, around Tokyo while pretending to be Tomoko! Will she be found out? (also part of Koibana) • 1/3 of a Boyfriend - □ Kogure Yuuya takes an embarrassing picture of Fukada Rei, but he says he will only delete it if they meet again at the same place later. What will Rei do? - Tenshi-Tachi • When We Met, I was No Longer There- □ High school student Yuu finds herself pursued by a hot guy rather... spiritedly. -Bishounen Project

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