• Teirui Makura

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    Popular honor student little brother, Yuua, and his kind older brother, Seigo. One step ahead in the puberty department, Seigo tries to put a little distance between him and his cute little brother. However, the innocent little brother is to blame with his defenseless skinship. Finally, Seigo's lust consumes him and he can't endure anymore. Once Yuua accepted that idea, his desire to be attached to his brother grew stronger every day. From "Teirui Makura." To taste the forbidden fruit, a collection of love songs. 1 - Teirui Makura The story of brotherly love between Yuua and Seigo. 2 - 3 - Continuation of 2. 4 - Choroize Jigoku A constant failure at job interviews thanks to his scary expression, Danda's employment agent sends him on a rather unusual assignment. 5 - Loup-Garou Gokou extra A short extra to Loup-Garou Gokou, chapter 9 in Hide and Seek. 6 - Natsu ni Shini Yuku Monogatari (Dangerous Symphony) Rock and Homero live in a world, where all kinds of laws restrict people and you can get arrested for the simplest things. Naturally, being love with another man is frowned upon.

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