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    (From Hime-sama): In the 30th Century, the Earth has united as one country, and Kyoko is the princess of this country. She has a younger twin sister, Ui, who has been asleep ever since she was born. Around her sixteenth birthday, Kyoko has to reveal herself to her people as their princess. She objects to this because she had been living among the people as a commoner and she doesn't want to be the princess anyway, but trouble faces her school, and to save her friends, Kyoko has to step forward and reveal her identity. Although she is disappointed in this action, she has a new quest: to find a way to wake up her sister so she can be granted her freedom from ruling the Earth. She is chosen by a staff (its proper name is Time Scorpion Cane, but Kyoko calls it "Tsue-chon"... something along the lines of "Caney" ^_^;) to be Time Stranger Kyoko. When she manipulates "Tsue-chon", she can stop time, or go back in time, etc. If she finds her other eleven comrades with their eleven stones, they can all wake up Ui...

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