• Toubou Kinshi!

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    From Bakeneko Scanlations: Tannai-san works at a company that sells table water as a part of the Public Relations Department, he becomes close with his co-worker Okano while they're at the same PR event. While Tannai becomes conscious of what Okabe's body and smell does to him, he still continues to avoid the problem that is continuing to worsen. One day, while Tannai is drunk he unconsciously touches Okabe....!? For these capable men there's no corner cutting when it comes to love or work. From Girls' Generation: Tannai who works in the PR Department at a soft drink company met Okano, a co-worker, at a product promotion event and they quickly grew close. While his heart is fluttered by Okano’s scent and body, he spend his days avoid thinking deeply about it as if he’s running away from something. Until one day, led by alcohol, he finally laid a hand on Okano…?! A good man will never neglect his job and love

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