• Touzandou Tentsui Ibun

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  • Touzandou Tentsui Ibun Summary:

    From back cover: He was robbed of his position as the heir and hunted down by his own stepmother. While escaping, the impoverished Shuri happened to meet Gunji, who was the spitting image of his older brother and attendant Shuri loved the most – Heikurou. From then on, they began living together. But though Gunji was willing to sacrifice himself to ward off Shuri's pursuers, Shuri was...? The first volume interweaves an old love tale between a clumsy, violent ronin samurai and a naive young master. Accompanied with it is a 66-page modern love story – "Red Tears," and the extra part. Popular for Junjou Romantica, Shungiku's earlier works were more samurai romance/yaoi of this sort. Here we have a basic spoiled brat and his bodyguard developing feelings for one another. by Yasha

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