• Ue kara Kataomoi

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  • Ue kara Kataomoi Summary:

    1. Ue kara Kataomoi "If you don't want to be exposed...you better do what I say." Aya is suffering a one sided love with the cool Nikaido. but then she happen to know his secret. In order to shut her mouth, Nikaido tells her his conditions.... - From Chibi Manga Aya accidentally found out who the cool guy, Nikaidou's unrequited love is. In exchange for keeping quiet, Nikaidou will follow any orders given. "If you don't want your secret revealed... listen to my orders." Venture into the obstinate girl and a cool guy's secret relationship and 3 other oneshots in the book. - From Sweet Indulgent 2. Ai no Shirushi 3. Kimi Bakkari no Natsu 4. Sweet Lesson

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