• Under City

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  • Under City Summary:

    In this present days there are numerous online games and interactive hobbies that you can indulge yourself to, and one of them is a game called "UnderCity". In this game, you have to have strong guts to survive, with gory scenes and corpses all over the place you'll have to face. Not to mention, hungry players who wants your blood. Enter the name Hallow Man in Undercity, a character whose gruesomeness tops all of the player on the UndreCity World that all of the players nicknamed him "Jack the Ripper". The matter is Jack / Hallow Man is an unknown entity in this game, coming in an out and slaying anything which even a veteran players vomit at the sight of his victim. Undercity is on Siege, and players are wondering... Who can stop and kill Jack which in his pursuit for power, the virtual world is beginning to merge with the real world..?

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