• W Juliet

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    Since the day her mother died, Ito Miura has dressed and acted like a guy; growing up with three brothers, she has always found girly clothes and mannerisms stifling. Now in high school, she wears her hair cut short like a guy's and dresses in the boys' uniform (much to her teachers' chagrin). This, combined with her tall stature and low voice, makes mistaking her for a boy easy; unless she told you, you would never think she was a girl. Stunningly beautiful transfer student, Makoto Amano and Ito quickly become friends when Makoto joins the school drama club, which Ito is a part of. The two find a surprising number of similarities between them such as their tall stature, both of their families' homes being dojos and their passion for theater. Ito soon discovers the shocking truth about her new "girl friend."

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