• Wagahai wa Yome de Aru

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    I'm His Wife: Even though Nako is in high school, she is married to an author named Hideaki, whom she called Hii-kun. When they were newly weds, life seemed joyous and fun. But now, all Hii-kun does is isolate himself and write books. Nako gets lonely and wonders, "is he really the one for me?" ~LB Love Mates: Yamada is loved by all the guys. She should be used to it but when she moves into a house with a guy as a roommate, she gets nervous. Ootani Izumi, her roommate, is calm and assures her that he has done this many times in the US. Soon, Yamada finds herself liking Izumi! But they're roommates and if he rejects her, it'll be very awkward...what can she do? ~LB Children Salad: Akira Oda is a spunky nursery teacher. He just starts his job and meets another nursery teacher, Maeda-Kun. Then he meets Emi-Chan who plays with the kids. Oda is stressed out since he isn't good at handling kids. He finds Emi's cute and nice personality charming. Could it be love? ~LB

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