• Wagamama na Jewel

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  • Wagamama na Jewel Summary:

    1) Tenshinchigi (Gods of Heaven and Earth) Raijin’s father used to be the god of thunder, until one day he retired and passed on his throne to his son. Now, Raijin might be over 600 years old, but he is a runt compared to the other gods whose ages number in the thousands! Especially compared to Fuijin – the God of Wind, who is always picking on the absent-minded Raijin for his daydreaming! To Raijin, the only bright spot in his usually dreary day is his brief meetings with Suijin – another god with whom Raijin is very much smitten with. Now, Raijin hopes to get closer to him…if only that annoying Fuijin – God of Wind, would stay away! 2) Fragile but Strong The Kingdom of Alectoria is renowned for having the most beautiful Princess that ever lived. But unbeknownst to everyone else, the Princess is actually a boy forced to disguise himself as a girl. Alec (the Princess in disguise) one day learns that his silly father had arranged a marriage meeting between him and the neighboring Prince from the Kingdom! Naturally Alec is furious, how is he to explain this situation of him being a boy to the Prince of Dumayden? That’s when his father tells him that Alec doesn’t really have to accept the marriage meeting, that he can simply refuse the Prince’s hand, and that the King himself had only agreed to the meeting because his friend, the King of Dumayden, had insisted on it. And so Alec prepares to meet the Prince of Dumayden – Prince Mayville, determined to refuse his hand in marriage… 3) Stray Cat Rock Simple first aid to a wounded stranger is interpreted as something more. 4) A Wanderer's Love This story is about a beautiful host who enjoys preying on his female clients, but he showers them with flowers nonetheless! However, one day, he finds himself unexpectedly falling for the male florist’s gorgeous bouquets… 5) Love Monster Returning home drunk from a group date Hayato finds a strange vagabond on his doorstep who turns out to be Uncle Tooru.

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