• Ways of the Jogang Jicheo

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    Seobang(1) my ass! Who's your hubby, And who are you calling my manura(2) ? Promise between households? Pu! Who cares about that kind of thing! Oh goodness, our neighbors, Just listen to the way he's talking. I'm telling you to keep the promise Since it's a vow between two households! It's not as if I've become your manura Because I wanted to be!!! Anakne(3) virtues are; One: Carefulness of conduct, Two: Carefulness of conduct. This is the way she was taught to act, Genuine country maiden Kim Seon-Nyeo. Because of resistance(?) from Cha Eun-Hyeok who is to become her seobangnim(4), She gives up on trying to be the perfect wife, And reveals her true nature As a hot-blooded fighting art specialist! Taming Jogang Jicheo(5)? It's actually taming Jogang Jibu(6)! (1) Hubby (2) Wifey (3) All of women (4) "-nim" makes it to become a formal way of calling seobang(hubby). (5) Wife who has shared one's hardships (6) Husband (literal meaning father) who has shared one's hardships

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