• Yakozen

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  • Yakozen Summary:

    Chie, Monji’s childhood friend and she is having troubles with the man she’s in love with, as she deeply loves him but he’s not really willing to reciprocate—he’ll play around but won’t get serious, and she breaks down crying because of it while Monji has to comfort her.There are also three other characters: the okama-type Honda, the wise-yet-aloof Hagiwara, and then Chiba who always seems disinterested in what’s going on. After his outing with his three male friends, Monji is happy to leave with Chiba (who stills seems somewhat disinterested). However, Chiba ends up steering Monji in the direction of a love hotel. There, Monji is uncomfortable and seems upset, and we learn that he had actually confessed to Chiba before that he’s in love with him—but it’s a similar situation to Chie, where Chiba doesn’t seem like he’s serious about wanting a relationship with Monji, but is willing to have sex with him. Which in turn just hurts Monji, but he loves Chiba so he can’t push him away. It’s a bittersweet thing—he wants to have sex with Chiba, yet he doesn’t want to have sex with Chiba

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