• Yume ga Kanau Juunigatsu

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  • Yume ga Kanau Juunigatsu Summary:

    Compilation of short stories: 1. Rabu. Sutori Ichi Musu (Love stream) 2. Wandering 3. Tomadoi A mangaka falls in love at first sight with his new assistant editor. The mangaka's assistant who was a classmate of the assistant editor tries to be their cupid... 4. Fighting Love 20 Years 5. Fighting Love 2000 6. Refrain 7. Drifting and Whirling Hero regularly dates with a younger and rich office worker for money! But soon, he can't keep such an unfaithful relationship... 8. The Miracle of Christmas A homosexual college student who is working at a convenience store falls in love with his colleague, a heterosexual and gamblesome high school graduate. Hero keeps pretending to be a good friend but soon he can't anymore because the colleague finds a girlfriend. Then another colleague, a very fat boy who has a steady girlfriend tries to play cupid... Extra

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